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Nationwide — Now, more than ever, a college degree is an essential prerequisite for achieving upward mobility. Unfortunately, for today’s traditionally underserved (and often ignored) minority communities, achieving that goal is becoming even more elusive. With the cost of college rising daily, underserved minority communities are increasingly unable to continue their post-secondary education due to a lack of money. The Scholarship Center has the proven solution for minority students looking to finance a college degree without crippling student debt which disproportionally impacts their lives and livelihoods.
The Scholarship Center is a premium scholarship database housing thousands of scholarships, worth billions of dollars, for students of all ages and backgrounds; from elementary school students to post graduate degree students. The database houses the largest, most accurate and timely premium database of national, regional and local lesser known scholarships, internships and cost savings special program opportunities. The database can be screened using a wide variety of parameters (there are over 150 majors listed) and is updated daily!

The Scholarship Center employs a tried and proven scholarship methodology, which includes applying for these lesser known scholarships which greatly enhances the student’s chances of winning. Using this strategy, The Scholarship Center helps remove the “sweepstakes” nature out of the typical scholarship process. While The Scholarship Center includes scholarships for students of all ethnicities, special attention is given to members of underserved communities whose particular needs have largely been ignored by other scholarship websites.

The Scholarship Center, for its comprehensive services, charges a nominal subscription fee because it does not accept advertising from advertisers ultimately seeking to obtain personal student information. “We’re truly invested in our students’ success. The students are our only customers, not marketing companies. We never share or otherwise sell student information to anyone. Our focus isn’t website traffic. Our focus is exclusively helping students find scholarships they can actually win.” In this regard, The Scholarship Center is wholly managed and maintained by dedicated parents and students actively engaged in the college scholarship search process.

The Scholarship Center is currently offering, for a limited time, a special $99.00 (a 36% discount which works out to be $8.25 a month) rate for an entire year of access to their expansive automated scholarship directory! According to Ms. Ward, “The discounted price is less than you’d pay for two of your favorite iced caramel macchiatos.”

This special discount is a great opportunity for minority students who haven’t been successful at finding and winning scholarships and for those who are looking to jump start the process! Students not only get unlimited access to the directory, but also receive special scholarships e-alerts delivered right to their inboxes! “Many minority students are first-generation students who don’t have a parent or guardian familiar with navigating the college financing process. Consequently, at The Scholarship Center, we don’t merely tell you how to find scholarships, we actually bring scholarships to you! “


According to Ms. Ward, it is imperative that minority students get their college degrees. “Nothing about the current political and/or social realities can change without minority students getting their education. They need to be in the legislatures creating laws and on the judiciary benches interpreting those same laws. We need them in the hospitals as doctors, nurses and administrators to help combat illnesses that overwhelming and negatively impact minorities, and we need them in positions of power in the media to give accurate portrayals of themselves and things happening to them. We need them advancing technology and we need them running corporations so that corporate structures are sensitive and responsive to their needs. None of that happens without students being able to get to and through college and their ability to finance their post-secondary education is a major contributing factor.”

For additional information about the thousands of available generous college scholarships contained in The Scholarship Center directory, please visit The Scholarship Center, Inc., or reach them telephonically at (410) 294-5898; follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and like them on Facebook! Since their inception, The Scholarship Center has shared billion dollars in college scholarship information!

About the company:
The Scholarship Center is the brainchild of “Mompreneur,” Lisa Ward’s painstaking efforts to locate scholarships for her eldest daughter. As a mother, Ms. Ward was disappointed in the existing scholarship websites and set out to research local and regional scholarships which were not included in other scholarship search engines and was ultimately successfully in helping her daughters, and many others, from a variety of different backgrounds and walks of life, successfully obtain those college scholarships. Because minority students are less likely to know about scholarship opportunities available to them, special attention and visibility is given to those scholarships for which they qualify. For its services, the Scholarship Center charges a low subscription rate. For more information, visit

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