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The Republicans’ Medicaid cuts, if they pass, will disproportionately hurt black Americans

Everyone knows by now that the Republican health-care reform being pushed through the US Congress is going to be tough on the poor. What’s less appreciated is that it’s going to be disproportionately tough on black Americans—and not just because they are more likely than white people to be poor. Cuts to Medicaid, the federally […]


The Privilege of Serving A God That Speaks

Reference Scriptuers: Habakkuk 2:18-20; Matthew 4:1-4; Psalms 34:15 Have you ever really considered What an honor and a privilege it is to serve a God that actually talks? A God who hears and patiently listens to every word that we speak. A God who is never too busy…one who is truly concerned about our welfare […]