As you know …….Our nation has now declared that the covid pandemic is now passed. Though the virus still exist….We are no longer in the pandemic stage. We are no longer required to wear masks.

Accordingly, pastor is now lifting the mask mandate for highpoint christian tabernacle. The wearing of masks will now be optional.

We still want you to know that you are attending live worship services at your own risk and that highpoint will not be responsible should you get covid. Our signage will remain posted advising you of that fact.

Those of you who are elderly….Those who have compromised immune systems, etc. May continue to wear your masks if you so choose.

We are asking families to please sit together if possible while in the sanctuary. Please continue to spread yourselves throughout the sanctuary as much as possible to maintain distancing.

If you are sick or have a fever…please stay at home and view the service virtually

As we fore stated, it is still possible to get the covid virus. We still advise everyone to stay current on your vaccinations and to stay safe. Thank you for your patience as we have endeavored to keep everyone safe.

Please Keep These Announcements In Mind!

– There will be noonday prayer on tuesday and thursday. Please wear your mask if you plan to attend. Prayer is held in building a

– We need volunteers for our security and cleaning departments. Brothers and sisters may volunteer. Please contact the church office at 770/438-8587 and leave your name.

– Sunday School will be in session every 1st and 3rd sunday at 9:30am in building a for all age groups

– Childrens church is in session every 2nd and 4th sunday. Registration and drop of starts at 10:30am in Building A

National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month and we want you to encourage you to keep your vision clear and healthy. Getting a baseline eye exam can detect early signs of disease or damage to your eyes. Getting a simple checkup and following a doctor’s orders can greatly lower risks of more severe and future damage, and you can continue to enjoy healthy vision. So, make sure you are getting those eye exams!

hct healthcare team