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Greetings in Jesus name! Another year has come and gone and it is amazing how fast the time has flown by. This past year was filled with many exciting events and occurrences that point to the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. We continue to see the signs of His coming on a daily basis and it behooves all of us to continue to make ourselves ready to meet the Lord.

Not long ago, we were told of an impending storm that was approaching our area. We were told that this storm would surely come and that perhaps it would bring record amounts of snow and ice. With every newscast and weather report that continued to penetrate the airwaves, we were provided with information to help us to prepare for the storm. We were given hour-by-hour information as they tracked the movement of the storm so that we wouldn’t be taken unaware.

I don’t know about anyone else…at our home, we took the information about the approaching storm seriously and began to make preparation for it. We filled our gas tanks with fuel. We went to the grocery store to stock up on food and paper products that we might need, should we be shut in for a time. We brought in firewood just in case we would lose our electric service due to the ice that was predicted to form on the power lines. We did our banking and mailed our bills so that they would not be late…again…just in case we couldn’t get out of our home for several days. Our furnace had been serviced and winterized so that we would have heat in our home. We also had batteries for flashlights and candles to provide light should we lose our electricity.

Yes, everything was now ready! Our household was ready for the storm and READY FELT GOOD!

Eventually, just as it had been predicted, the storm did come. Not only did it come, it came with a vengeance! Record amounts of snow and ice hit the city, literally shutting down everything! Ice and snow had encrusted the roadways. Attempting to travel on the roads was, at best, taking your life into your own hands and risking the loss of it. It was just that bad!

Can you imagine people who did not prepare for the storm attempting to make their way to the grocery stores…many of which were closed due to the storm? It was a nightmare in and of itself. The daily newscasts were filled with accident reports…reports of cars sliding off of the roadways. Flights were cancelled. Many businesses, schools and churches had to close their doors. City services such as trash removal and postal delivery were suspended. The storm had truly come!

My friends, the Lord would have us to note this example and to use it as a tool to stir up our pure minds when it comes to ensuring that we are ready for the Lords coming. He is giving us time to prepare…giving us daily weather reports as it were. Time after time and week after week we attend our church services…hearing perhaps the same messages of our impending Rapture… the catching away of the church of the living God! For the scriptures tell us that “No man knows the day nor the hour when the Son of Man shall appear” yet, we know that he is coming! Everything around us points to His coming. He is even at the door!

Are you ready? Rapture ready? Is your earthly and your spiritual life in order? We admonish you and beg of you to get your house in order. Don’t let the message of Christ coming go unheeded. Continue to make preparation for your soul. Set your affections on things above…not on things of this world. For what doth it profit a man if he should gain the world and lose his soul? Will you be ready when Jesus comes?